We love to mix it up.

    HAPA is a Hawaiian word for someone half Hawaiian and half foreigner.  Today, its generally refers to anyone "half half" or "mixed”. We celebrate this mixing - in our bar and our drinks.

    HAPA is the smallest cafe and bar in Yangon. Our shop can accommodate 12 guests at the time. There's not enough space for private tables, so come ready to mix and make new friends.

    Enjoy our cold brew coffee and specialty cocktails. All our drinks are made by hand with fresh ingredients. Tell us what you like, and we'll mix it up.











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    Enjoy HAPA for takeaway or delivery.
















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    We prefer mobile money. We also accept cash on delivery.

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    We'd love to hear from you!

    494 Merchant Road
    Yangon, Myanmar
    12:00noon - 9:00pm
    09 952 041094